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wopowrimo by alaricsp

These are my WoPoWriMo efforts. I plan to write one haiku a day through all of February. Not necessarily on each day - I might write a few on one day, and none on other days; but each one will correspond to a day.

I'll put each haiku into its own file, and link to them from this page as I do them. I'm editing them in Emacs on a NetBSD laptop, version-tracking it in git, and publishing it on GitHub via their pages system. I couldn't be more "Bay Area Trendy Geek" unless I was doing it from my iPhone, and had an oriental-looking girlfriend.

NOTE: I've never written a haiku before in my life. Do not expect great things here. However, I might improve through the month.

The Haikus


Alaric Snell-Pym (


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